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Validate Corporate Identity Online: Fast, Accurate, Responsible.
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Complete Corporate Identity Check, Verification and Document Review
We Work for Compliance Officers
YOUR Chief Compliance Officer
OUR Corporate Identity Report
Regulated Institution
Verify that the company exists and is active. Identify all the key individuals, discover corporate structure and management. See the ownership structure up to the very last person – the ultimate beneficial owner. Compare data from Government records to corporate documents and clear with AML databases. Request Government verification Certificates of Incumbency and Good Sanding certified by apostil or consulate.
We increase your advanrages
Retain the client
Save time
Save money
Stay compliant
We may provide you the recently issued Certificates of Incumbency and Good Standing certified by apostil or by consulate. That makes the process of onboarding a pleasant experience for corporate client
We cut your international customer on-boarding times with our legal entity verification and professional documents' review.
Low cost of Corporate Identity Check Report with no required minimum checks to start, unlimited number of corporate documents per report and attractive bulk package.
We provide services to meet minimum legal and regulatory requirements for onboarding of complex corporate clients and able to adjust according to regulatory requirements of your jurisdiction
Why us?
Review of non- standard documentation in different languages
YOUR Chief Compliance Officer
Very fast processing
Non-MRZ passports, internal IDs, non-standard address proof and other non standard cases
Easy integration via API
What's in the report?
Corporate name, number, date of registration and registered address verified against government records
Identification of UBO/Shareholders/Directors as it appears from corporate documents and on government records
Review of Corporate and Individual documentation by category
Check against PEP, international sanctions, Interpol and anti-terrorist databases
Verification statuses on each category of documents (Verified/Rejected) with explanation notes
Contact details as on the web-site
Link to Government Source of Information
How it works?
Get Report
Upload corporate documentation via web interface or API
Request Verification Documents
Clear Pricing Policy
€ 150
per Legal Entity
Unlimited number of documents per check
€ 4000
100 Entities
Unlimited number of documents per check
API Integration possible
per Legal Entity
Limited to selected Jurisdictions
Government Records Check
Please leave us your contact details and we'll call you back
Please leave us your contact details and we'll call you back
Please leave us your contact details and we'll call you back
Information received from Government source with publicly available records
Client information
Compare Government Records about company's vital data with corporate records
Client Information Check
Compare Government Records about shareholders, UBO, Directors and other appoinments with corporate records
Corporate Structure Check
Check companies and individuals against AML databases
Document Review
Vizualization of Corporate Structure
Reverse WHOIS with human lookup
List of Domains owned by company or individual
Establish company's presence, business partners AML check, licensing
Business Profile Check
Financial and Tax Reports (including VAT)
Forensic Ananlyses of company's financial records
Included in Report:
Also available:
Research, Identify, Report
Check against PEP, Sanctions, Interpol and other lists
Compare data from corporate documents to government data source
Discover Corporate Structure and Legal Ownership
Reverse Whois: Domain ownership check by the owner
Declared domain ownership check
Establish Validity of Officers' Appointments
Offline Government records check
Validation of the Chain of legal ownership from the date of the incorporation
We review these documents:
Registration Forms and Certificates
Management and other Appointments
Personal documentation
Business Profile
Tax and Financial
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