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Know Your Business
Professional Documentation Review
Collect: upload by files and by live capture
Verify: check relevance and validity of data
Analyze: compare data with government sources
Keep it Safe: secure storage and easy access
Manage: apply categories and statuses
Speed up the onboarding process
Online platform for uploading and managing the documentation
Qualified and trained stuff of lawyers and paralegals experienced in AML regulations and guidelines
Manual processing of non-standard documents of Identity and Resident Address proof
Provide documental proof of the current company's status according to conditions of Government Registry
Visualization of Corporate Structure
Three Holdings Ltd
ABS consult Ltd
XYZ Consult Ltd
John Hoffman
Alexa Meitzer
What does it look like?
Specific Expertize
Fast processing – up to 3 days per corporate structure
Review non-standard documentation in different languages
Easy integration via API with client's infrastructure
Review non-MRZ passports, internal IDs, non-standard address proof and other non standard cases
Integration with KYC providers
Secure Data Center
We store all the data in secure GDPR compliant servers
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